There are five states in which you cannot buy a lottery ticket: Alabama, Alaska, Hawaii, Utah and Nevada.

The first four states have laws that say gambling is bad. But Nevada clearly has no such law, Las Vegas is the beating heart of a gambling state, you can bet on anything here.

So why doesn’t Nevada have a state-run lottery? The answer is simple: the lottery is against the law because the gaming industry in the state does not want the competition.

Another reason, in one word: is taxes. As Nevada has explained, lotteries, compared with other types of gaming, pay no property taxes, lotteries create no high-paying jobs, in other words, they’re not casinos.

The state of Nevada would also have to change its constitution to allow a lottery. A law against lotteries has been part of the state constitution since 1864, there’s only one exception: if a charity runs a small lottery game for itself.

So if you ever find yourself in Law Vegas someday and the Powerball has reached some bloated, impossible jackpot, forget it, you’ll find no seller ready with tickets.

Bet on something else.