What bumper stickers say about the driver


Len Rome's Daily Feature of Little Known Facts

Do you have a bumper sticker or two or ten on your car?

Maybe you’ve plastered them on your car windows? It’s the old fashioned way of broadcasting your thoughts.

Can you have too many of them?

Researchers at Colorado State University that you can. They did a study and found that the number of stickers on your car could predict if you might someday succumb to road rage. The more stuff plastered on your ride, the more likely you are to jump out angry, even if all your messages say peace and love.

Some people identify strongly with their cars. Their cars are their personal territory, even on a public highway. The more territorial you are, the more you’re likely to see another driver’s actions as a threat to your space. Steer clear of cars and trucks with lots of stickers.

And again, you might see this reaction: in Oakland, California, an SUV sat unclaimed for too long in a parking spot. The owner finally returned to find it covered in stickers from top to bottom, front to back.

One man parked in a handicapped spot in Brazil. He was not visibly disabled and returned to find his car smothered in stickers, and a crowd jeering as he tried to rip away enough to see through the windshield and drive off.

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