(WYTV) – Do you see snow? Not the stuff that falls from clouds But a kind of visual snow in your eyesight? It’s called visual snow.

It’s a neurological condition that affects around two percent of the population. It’s rare and it resembles old-fashioned TV static – millions of tiny dots in their vision.

The symptoms may involve flashes of light or seeing things that our brain is supposed to tune out, such as eye floaters or afterimages.

“Perhaps they will look at a TV or some words on paper and as they start to look away, they still see shadows leftover from these images. It can almost create double vision or a feeling that words are moving when they are trying to read,” said Dr. Carrie Robertson, a neurologist at the Mayo Clinic.

Some people also suffer dizziness, headaches or ringing in the ears.

While many people who experience visual snow are born with it, there can be secondary causes such as a blow on the head, or really severe infection or illness.

There is, as of yet, no treatment for visual snow.