(WYTV)- Products that didn’t quite make it, although they seemed like a good idea at the time.

Google Glass, an eyeglasses shaped head-mounted display that acted like a smartphone, it came out in 2012. But people worried about privacy, it had technical problems, a low battery life…it never lived up to the hype.

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial computer game from Atari. Atari brought it out in 1982, right after the classic film.
It played horribly, of the four million copies it made, Atari sold one and a half million and buried the rest in a landfill.

The RJ Reynolds company produced a smokeless cigarette in 1988…and it went up in smoke.
It had an unpleasant chemical taste, like “burning plastic.”
Reynolds spent a billion dollars on it before pulling it off the market within a year.

Cheetos Lip Balm from Frito-Lay.
This wasn’t too long ago, 2005.
Cheetos has been a popular snack for more than 60 years but this never caught on with consumers.
Stick to cherry flavored.

Touch of Yogurt shampoo, from Clairol in 1979.
Clairol thought a yogurt shampoo was just what the American consumer wanted.
All Clairol did was confuses us: some people actually tried to eat it.

Who wants to smell like a motorcycle?
Then splash on some Harley-Davidson cologne.
The company released Legendary Harley-Davidson, a cologne for men, in 1994.
Men stayed away.
Harley-Davidson has also tried wine coolers and aftershave…all gone….who loads their Harley with winecoolers?

Remember WOW! Chips from Frito-Lay in 1998?
The chips were made with the fat substitute called olestra…and olestra had really unpleasant side effects: diarrhea and cramps.
Sales fell off quickly.

McDonald’s came out with what it called its Arch Deluxe burger in 1996, and it disappeared quickly.
The Arch Deluxe was supposed to have a grown-up taste, that’s what the marketing said.
Grown ups and everyone else turned their backs on it.

Anyone for a Life Savers soda?
Life Savers brought out the soft drink in 1995, but people thought it was liquid candy.
It came in pineapple, orange, grape and lime, but no mint flavor.