(WYTV)- Why don’t we have a name for the moon?

Io, Europa, Titan, Phoebe, names for moons circling other planets. Why just the moon for us?

And for that matter, why is the sun just the sun? It goes back in history before we knew that these things were out there. Earth, Sun, Moon. That was it. Or so we thought.

Once we discovered these other planets, other stars, other moons, we began to name them. the International Astronomy Union, the accepted international arbiter of such things, decided enough is enough. As spelled out in IAU Resolution No. 10, approved by the 16th General Assembly of the IAU in Grenoble, France in 1976.

The name of the Moon is the Moon, the name of the Earth is the Earth, and the name of the Solar System is the Solar System, and the name of the Sun is the Sun.