(WYTV)- A language learning site called Preply.com surveyed more than 1,500 Americans who worked in offices to find which words and phrases really bothered them.

1. New Normal
This tops the list.
43% said this was their least liked term in a business setting.
Who wants to come to terms with a new, unpleasant reality?

2. Culture
This means the company culture, perhaps a motto every employee is expected to accept and live by.

3. Circle Back
Can we try not to circle back anymore?
Do we really have to revisit that topic we didn’t care to visit in the first place?

4. Boots on the Ground
Some companies have adopted this military expression for having many people on one task….how about a boot in the rear?

5. Give 110 Percent
Mathematically, of course, this is impossible.
We all know it but we’re encouraged to give it anyway.

6. Low-Hanging Fruit
What, no ambition? Going for the easy goal?
Maybe we’ll circle back and see if there’s anything higher, boss.

7. Win-Win
Right, nothing can possibly go wrong…everyone is absolutely going to come out on top…losers not welcome.

8. Move the Needle
Let’s make progress, how about a little more enthusiasm?
You probably don’t need this phrase to help you move anything.

9. Growth Hacking
In plain English, how to find and keep customers.
Growth is good, hacking is not.

10. Think Outside Box
As the business magazine Forbes reminds us, you’ll never find the best ideas until you recognize there is no box, but keep thinking.

Preply.com has found that business people still use and don’t mind “at the end of the day,” “table this,” or “game changer” when it came to clichés. By the way, I gave 110 percent in putting this nugget together.