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Nugget of Knowledge: Uber and other foreign phrases

Len Rome's Daily Feature of Little Known Facts

(WYTV) – The following are some foreign phrases and their meanings:

SINE DIE sinnee dee-eh (Latin)
Indefinitely. Usually, a legal phrase meaning some business has been adjourned or suspended with no date set to resume it.

SPIEL shpeel (German)
Glib talk or a sales pitch. The individual who’s listening to a spiel usually feels he’s being sold something and probably sold short.

TERRA FIRMA pronounced as spelled (Latin)
Solid ground, dry land. Used as simple contrast to any land, no matter how big, that isn’t the sea.

TOUR DE FORCE pronounced as spelled (French)
A feat of skill, a very impressive performance. It almost always refers to some public performance done just perfectly.

TRIAGE tree-ahj (French)
A sorting out. In medicine, a sorting of patients separating those who most urgently need treatment and are most likely to survive.

UBER oober (German)
Literally “over” used before a noun and meaning ultimate or super. Jimmy is an uber-forecaster.

VIVE LA DIFFERENCE veev la differ-onse (French)
Long live the difference. It celebrates the distinctions between the sexes.

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