Nugget of Knowledge: Stalin wanted to kill John Wayne


Len Rome's Daily Feature of Little Known Facts

(WYTV) – The Scottish band, “The Bay City Rollers,” chose its name after sticking a pin in a map of America, which landed on the Michigan city.

Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin once plotted to kill John Wayne.

Female bats give birth while hanging upside down, catching the baby in their wings as it drops.

During WWI, we called German measles “liberty measles.”

Plants try to communicate with each other. The scent of freshly-cut grass is the grass crying for help.

Great white sharks rarely survive in captivity. Biologists suspect the electricity in the building holding them interferes with the shark’s sensory systems. Aquariums are still trying to display them, though.

Duncan Hines, as in Duncan Hines cake mix, was a real person. He was a popular restaurant critic who also wrote a book recommending hotels.

Eggplants are giant berries.

To make sure the Queen receives her food on time, the clocks in the royal kitchen at Windsor Castle are set five minutes ahead.

Wylie Coyote never catches the Roadrunner. In real life, he would. Coyotes run up to 23 mph faster than roadrunners.

In 1997, a woman from Louisville left actor Charles Bronson all of her money in a handwritten will: $300,000. She’d never met him; she was just a fan.

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