Nugget of Knowledge: Same things with different names around the U.S.


Len Rome's Daily Feature of Little Known Facts

(WYTV) – How do Americans across the country say certain words and phrases?

Fireflies or Lightning bugs? They are fireflies in the west and lightning bugs in the east, but fireflies is actually growing in popularity,

Garage sale or yard sale? In the southeast, it is a yard sale. However, in most of the U.S. it is a garage sale.

What about talking about a group of people? You guys is popular in the west, midwest and northeast. Y’all is used primarily in Texas and throughout the south. In Kentucky it is you all, in Pittsburgh they say yinz and in parts of New York and New Jersey, they say youse.

What do people drink? Populations in the west and northeast say soda. It is pop in the midwest and coke in the southeast.

Garbage can or trash can? In the north it is a garbage can, but in the south it is a trash can.

The big trucks that transport products? In the west and central regions it is a semi, and 18 wheeler in the southeast and a tractor trailer in the northeast.

People in the west and midwest get water out of a drinking fountain. In the south and northeast, people drink out of the water fountain.

Most of the country wears tennis shoes on their feet. However, in New England they say sneakers and in Chicago and Cincinnati, they wear gym shoes.

Finally, how do you say caramel? Most of the country says it with two syllables, three along the east coast.

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