Nugget of Knowledge: Safest seat on an airplane

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(WYTV) – You get on board your plane and find that your seat is the middle seat at the tail end, next to the restroom.

Lousy seat, right?

According to the website Lifehackers, it’s one of the safest places to sit on a plane.

Four years ago, “TIME” magazine looked over the statistics from 17 plane crashes between 1985 and 2000.

The fatality rates were the lowest — 32 percent — for the rows in the back third, then near 40 percent for the middle third and 38 percent for the front third.

It doesn’t sound like it would make a lot of difference, but here’s one more statistic: those middle seats in the back had a 28% fatality rate, compared with 44% for an aisle seat in the middle.

In 2007, “Popular Mechanics” magazine looked at crashes going back 50 years and came to the same conclusion: Sitting in the back is your best bet.

The first-class and the business-class travelers survived the least.

Of course, some crashes followed no pattern, and we actually don’t have that many airplane crashes to study.

So if you value your first-class aisle seat, it’s probably fine.

Here’s one more statistic that should make you feel better: For every 16 million commercial passenger flights, there’s only one fatality.

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