Nugget of Knowledge: Random trivia nuggets

Here are some random facts that you may not know about

(WYTV) – Name the only nonhuman to ever testify before Congress.

— Elmo, 2002.

The Beatles starred in several films while they were together. Name their first film.

— “A Hard Day’s Night,” 1964.

The Canadians love this dish: French fries covered with what?

— Cheese and brown gravy.

Name the only U.S. president to win a Pulitzer Prize?

— John F. Kennedy, Profiles in Courage, 1957.

Science fiction author Philip K. Dick wrote a novel called “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” It inspired what 1982 film with a different title?

— Blade Runner.

Oxter is an old word once used to describe which body part?

— Armpit.

If you weight 200 pounds on Earth, how much would you weigh on Mars?

— 70 pounds

Boxer Sugar Ray Robinson’s son Ronnie excelled in what sport?

— Roller derby.

What kind of music did Katy Perry release as a teenager before she became a pop star?

— Christian music.

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