Nugget of Knowledge: Rabbit or hare?

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(WYTV) – Is Bugs Bunny a rabbit or a hare, and what is the difference between the two?

Rabbits and hares are completely different species, even though they look alike.

They are different from birth. Baby rabbits, called kittens or bunnies, are born hairless, blind and totally dependent on their mothers.

Baby hares, called leverets, are born with fur and sight. They can move on their own within an hour.

Hares tend to be larger than rabbits, with longer hind legs and longer ears with black markings, so Bugs might be a hare.

A rabbit’s fur stays the same color year-round, while hares change color from brown or gray in the summer to white in the winter.

They also eat different foods. Rabbits go for softer grasses and vegetables such as like carrots. Hares like to eat harder bark and twigs.

So, Bugs might be a rabbit.

Rabbits almost always live underground, while hares make nests above ground.

Rabbits head underground to hide from danger, while hares tend to run.

You can make a pet of a rabbit and hares stay wild.

Rabbits tend to be social animals that live in groups; hares spend most of their time by themselves.

Rabbits have 44 chromosomes, while hare have 48 chromosomes.

So, we must analyze Bugs Bunny’s genetic material before we know for sure.

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