Nugget of Knowledge: Planes and phobias


Len Rome's Daily Feature of Little Known Facts

(WYTV) – We have some strange superstitions when it comes to flying.

Some passengers pat the plane when they board, as if to make sure it’s solid. Some even break into a little dance at the doorway every time they fly.

As for the airlines, no one ever schedules Flight 13. Some have no row 13. Cleveland Hopkins airport has no gate 13.

American Airlines and Delta have banned flight number 191 because of numerous airline accidents connected to that number.

Airlines sometimes put lucky numbers on their flights. The Southwest Airlines Flight from San Antonio to Las Vegas is Flight 711.

US Airways retired Flight 1549, at least that number.

During that flight, pilot Chesley Sullenberger famously landed his crippled plane in New York’s Hudson River, saving all on board.

You’ll find no flight numbered 9-11, and most airlines avoid Flight 666 but not Finland’s airline, Finnair.

It has such a daily flight from Copenhagen to Helsinki. Helsinki’s international airport code is HEL, so you can fly Finnair Flight 666 to HEL.

Finnair said the 666 superstition is no big deal in Finland.

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