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(WYTV) – Anna Jarvis had no children of her own but started the campaign for a Mother’s Day in remembrance of her own mother, Ann Jarvis.

Mother’s Day became a holiday in 1914, but Anna Jarvis soon became fed up with how commercial the day had become. She started a petition to get rid of Mother’s Day, that didn’t happen.

Everyone calls mom on her day. Call volume really shoots up so if you’re not near her, she’s expecting a call. Not a text, a real call.

Mother’s Day has always been the busiest day of the year for restaurants, even more than Valentine’s Day, but with the virus this year, expect it to be the busiest day for take-out.

Plan ahead.

We will spend some $5 billion dollars on jewelry and something like $2 billion on spa services.

Nearly half of consumers who plan to spend on Mom will just give her a gift card.

Three out of four mom say they still hope to get flowers from their kids or loved ones on this special day. Mother’s Day is the number one day for flower sales.

How about this? Nearly half of moms, 47% think dad should buy a gift for the mother of their children, in addition to treating his own mom, of course.

Only six percent of dads agree.

One more statistic: on average, people spend $133 on Father’s Day compared to $205 on Mother’s Day.

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