Nugget of Knowledge: Most popular music artists


Len Rome's Daily Feature of Little Known Facts

(WYTV) – The Recording Industry Association of America lists these acts as the top-10 best-selling artists of all time:

  1. AC/DC: 72 million albums sold
  2. Pink Floyd: 75 million
  3. Elton John: 78.5 million
  4. Michael Jackson: 84 million
  5. Billy Joel: 84.5 million
  6. Led Zeppelin: 111.5 million
  7. The Eagles: 120 million
  8. Elvis Presley: 146.5 million
  9. Garth Brooks: 148 million
  10. The Beatles: 183 million

What about other artists and groups?

The Rolling Stones are 13th with 66.5 million albums sold.

Bruce Springsteen is 15th with 66 million.

Fleetwood Mac is 21st with 54.5 million.

Neil Diamond is 24th with 49.5 million.

Guns and Roses is 32nd with 44.5 million.

Taylor Swift is 35th having sold 43 million albums.

Bon Jovi is 50th with 34.5 million.

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