Nugget of Knowledge: More interesting phrases in foreign languages

Here are more interesting phrases in foreign languages

Ombudsman (Swedish) – It means someone who looks into complaints against a government or an organization.

Panache (French) – It means swagger or flamboyant style. It can be any performance carried off with confidence and style.

Par Excellence (French) It means ‘by excellence’ or supreme.

Peccadillo (Spanish) – It means a “little sin” or a trial offense. It comes from the Spanish word for sin, “pecado.”

Persona (Latin) – It means public image or personality. The term suggests “the mask that someone wears for public display.”

Picayune (French) – It refers to something of little value, petty or not bothering with.

Piece de resistance (French) – It means the main dish in a meal, the best item in a collection or the best of the bunch.

Putz (Yiddish) – It means a stupid person.

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