Nugget of Knowledge: Marla Berkowitz is Governor DeWine’s CDI


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(WYTV) – If you’ve been watching Ohio Governor Mike DeWine each day on TV, you’ll notice he has an important person on the screen with him, the same with Dr. Amy Acton.

They talk and so does someone else.

Some people are watching that person in the little box in the corner. She is what’s known as a certified deaf interpreter (CDI), her name is Marla Berkowitz.

Since March 12, Berkowitz, who lectures at The Ohio State University, has been live on-air with DeWine and other government leaders for every briefing.

She’s keeping Ohio’s deaf community informed with critical information.

Berkowitz has to think and work quickly everyday.

Sometimes, the speaker will say COVID-19 and then mention another virus, SARS or MERS and then she has to finger spell it.

But she says she was born for the job.

To anyone unfamiliar with American Sign Language, it may look theatrical or dramatic, but Marla says that’s how to convey the message accurately and meaningfully to the general public who use ASL to communicate.

Ohio residents are cheering on Marla Berkowitz. She has a Facebook fan club with a 1,000 members so far.

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