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(WYTV) – Humans are the only animals with chins, a very specific bone feature that extends forward from the lower jaw. We’re not sure why we have chins. The reason might have to do with eating or speaking.

People with lots of hair and innie belly buttons collect a lot of lint in those belly buttons. The lint comes from fibers that rub off of your clothing, your stomach hair grabs onto the fiber and pulls them into your belly button.

Are you right handed? Your fingernails will grow faster on your right hand and vice versa with the left.

Older people have thicker toenails.

You have 206 bones in your body. More than half are in your hands and feet.

Feet are mostly cartilage at birth, then bones form over time. They don’t fully harden until you’re in your early twenties.

It’s rare, but you can fracture a rib by sneezing.

Goosebumps are useless.

Up until about the 1950’s, we thought the spleen was useless, it’s not. Your spleen creates antibodies to fight bacteria in the blood.

Some people had a kidney split while they were still in the womb, so they’re actually born with three. They can make great kidney donors, but people often don’t know when they have three kidneys.

The largest organ in your body is the outside part: your skin. Adults may have 22 square feet of skin on their body, it could easily stretch across half your typical bathroom floor.

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