Nugget of Knowledge: Funny foreign phrases, part 3


Len Rome's Daily Feature of Little Known Facts

(WYTV) – The following are some foreign phrases and their meanings:

VIS-A-VIS veez-ah-vee (French)
Face to face or in relation to: “Other meteorologists in town are not as clever and inventive vis-a-vis Jim Loboy.”

VOYEUR voy-err (French)
Illicit spectator, someone with a stealthy and unhealthy desire to spy on others.

WANDERLUST pronounced as spelled (German)
Literally longing to wander. The urge to travel constantly.
“Does Jimmy Loboy have wanderlust? Nah, he’s happy in Campbell.”

WUNDERKIND vun derkint (German)
Literally wonder child, a very talented child. More often applied to adults who showed great skill at something early in life — “Jimmy Loboy, the wunderkind of weather forecasters.”

ZAFTIG zoftick (Yiddish)
Plump or well rounded. It came from the German word for juicy and the American colloquial might be buxom. “Does Jimmy Loboy like them zaftig?”

ZEITGEIST zite-guyst (German)
The spirit of the age, the mood of the times, what’s hip or trendy. “Jim’s Jaunts capture the zeitgeist of Daybreak, what we’re all about.”

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