Nugget of Knowledge: Funny foreign phrases, part 2


(WYTV) – The following are some foreign phrases and their meanings:

  • Haute Couture (ote coo-ture — French): High fashion, expensive clothes
  • Honcho (pronounced as spelled — Japanese): A squad leader, a boss or manager
  • Hubris (hew-briss — Greek): Overwhelming pride, arrogant behavior
  • Incognito (in-cog-nee-toe — Italian): Unknown or under an assumed identity
  • Ipso Facto (pronounced as spelled — Latin): By that fact itself or as a consequence of that. For example, if you are born in the United States, ipso facto, you have a Social Security number.
  • Joie de Vivre (jwah de veev’re — French): The joy of living, exuberance
  • Kaput (pronounced as spelled — German): Smashed, done for, broken, ruined beyond repair
  • Kitsch kitch (German): Cheap and showy. The English equivalents might be tacky or without taste.
  • Kvetch (pronounced as spelled — Yiddish): Complain or whine. A kvetcher is someone who looks for faults, and kvetching is what he does when he finds them.

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