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Nugget of Knowledge: Forest vs. Woods


Len Rome's Daily Feature of Little Known Facts

(WYTV) – What’s the difference between the forest, the woods and the jungle? They all mean different things.

The dictionary describes a forest as “a large area covered with trees and undergrowth.”

Forests have been around for 380 million years…temperature and rainfall keep them thriving and growing.

So what are woods?

Again, the dictionary tells us that woods or woodland is an area of land that has growing trees but is smaller than a forest.

The forest was meant as a hunting ground for the king and this would have been a large area because the king deserved more than just woods.

So there is no difference between a forest and woods other than size, they exist in the same climate and have the same ecosystem.

And the jungle? We think of it as more exotic and tropical and that is partially true.

A jungle is an area of dense forest and overgrown tangled vegetation in the tropics. A jungle is made up of a network of forests and will often have more plants growing on the ground.

It leads to some confusion: we have the Amazon Rainforest, but it’s really the jungle.

To recap: woods are the smallest area of dense tree growth, followed by forests, which are bigger and finally jungles, which are made up of overgrown tangled forests and jungles are in hotter climates.

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