Nugget of Knowledge: Don’t stifle your sneeze


Len Rome's Daily Feature of Little Known Facts

(WYTV) – With the coronavirus going around, you’re supposed to cover your sneezes, so why not just stifle that sneeze, just close it off altogether. Don’t.

A sneeze can propel air out of your nose nearly 10 mph, as all the air pressure in your lungs tries to escape through your nose.

When you block the air’s escape route by pinching your nose or mouth during a sneeze, it forces the air into your ears.

This pressurized air will can rupture and eardrum. It also could lead to hearing loss or dizziness.

Wait, there’s more: holding in a sneeze could cause blood vessels to break in the your eyes, injure your diaphragm, the muscle at the bottom of your rib cage.

It can make your blood pressure spike.

A violent sneeze you try to stop could hurt your neck and if you’ve just had sinus surgery, it could force air into the space around your eyes and cause them to bulge.

Your best move is to let your sneezes fly, but cover them.

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