Nugget of Knowledge: Don’t forget to disinfect the car!


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(WYTV) – We know we must wash our hands and use hand sanitizer as protection against the coronavirus and wipe down surfaces as well.

You can do that all around your home or work place, if you’re still working, but don’t forget the inside of your car.

Some tips from Consumer Reports: clean everything you touch including the steering wheel, door handles, shift lever, any buttons or touch screens, the wiper and turn signal handles, armrests, keys, everything.

Many of the same household cleaners that kill coronavirus on hard surfaces at home can also clean your car without damaging its interior.

Don’t use bleach or hydrogen peroxide on the inside of your car. They certainly can kill the coronavirus but very likely damage your car’s upholstery.

Don’t use any kind of ammonia-based cleaners on your car’s touch screens, they can damage their anti-glare and anti-fingerprint coatings.

You can use soap and water, a safe combination for most car interiors, especially fabrics and older leather that may have begun to crack.

If your car has fabric upholstery, that’s nylon or polyester, don’t use too much water or too much soap: the fabric is too porous.

If you soak through the fabric down to the cushion beneath, you could end up with a musty smell or mold.

For fabric upholstery, use a small amount of water and laundry detergent.

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