Nugget of Knowledge: Digital life after death


Len Rome's Daily Feature of Little Known Facts

(WYTV) – When you die, what happens to your digital life? Does it die along with you?

Let’s say you’re not very active on social media, so you might think that you’d be leaving behind very little.

Social media is just a tiny part of our digital footprint.

All those emails we sent, those message threads we joined, our movements logged by our smartphones, smartwatches and facial recognition technology in public spaces, those are still around. The video doorbells and virtual assistants in our homes remember us, too.

Our search histories, all the websites we’ve visited, all the documents and photos we stored in the cloud and our data-storage devices, they’re still around.

There is simply too much of our personal data, spread all throughout the digital world, to just ‘bury’ it.

Twitter was about to delete the accounts of dead users last November but did not: too many people wanted to read the tweets of their long gone loved ones.

The dead are also mounting up on Instagram.

We make a will but very few of us think of our digital lives.

Oxford University in England says that by the year 2100, 80 years from now, there may be as many as five billion dead users on Facebook, providing it’s still around.

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