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A vegetarian from New York invented what we now know as breakfast cereal in the 1860s

(WYTV) – Who invented breakfast cereal?

A vegetarian from New York State, James Caleb Jackson, in the 1860s came up with it.

Breakfasts at the time were high in protein, not many carbs, all eggs and sausages.

Jackson thought these breakfasts were unhealthy so he invented something he called “granula,” the first dry cereal.

Jackson took graham flour, baked it dry and shaped it into small nuggets.

But his granula was hard to eat so he recommended soaking the granula overnight in either water or milk.

Water turned it too soggy. The cereal held up better in nutritious milk, and that’s the reason we pour milk on our cereal to this day.

If you want to find granula today, the closest cereal would be
Grape-Nuts. You can thank Grape-Nuts for this idea that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

According to the magazine “The Atlantic,” General Mills in 1944 sponsored radio ads claiming, “Nutrition experts say breakfast is the most important meal of the day.”

That was just an advertising slogan. In fact, James Caleb Jackson was pushing that idea with his granula.

There’s little basis for that claim. Breakfast, most likely, is just as important as any other meal.

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