Nugget of Knowledge: Cats


Len Rome's Daily Feature of Little Known Facts

(WYTV) – Do cats only love us because we feed them? Would that be so bad?

Trying to find food is something we all do every day.

Food is what first brought humans and cats together. We’ve analyzed the chemicals in the bones of 5,000-year-old cats from China, and we discovered the Chinese used cats to hunt rodents that lived in their granaries.

We gave cats shelter while they cleaned up our pests.

Later, in Western cultures at least, we began to domesticate cats and keep them in our homes.

Just as with dogs, domesticated cats show certain behaviors such as grooming, play-fighting and bringing home half-dead mice for some playtime. These behaviors are about more than food; they’re about family.

Scientists say that cats often act like dogs when they see us. They feel secure and calm.

And there is evidence that cats, when we stroke them, get a sudden dose of brain hormones as we get when we’re around a loved one.

Maybe dogs really have a rival for the title of humankind’s best friend.

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