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(WYTV) – How about a little bunny rabbit as a gift at Easter time?

Like a kitten or puppy, the baby bunny from the pet store will grow into a full grown rabbit. It might live 10 years, or even 14 with the right diet.

Rabbits are smart and curious and sometimes aggressive and destructive.

They eat fresh hay, just like horses and are sensitive to any changes in their diet. High-quality, high-fiber pellet food, is good, but not too much.

Your rabbit can easily grow obese on it.

They also like dark, leafy greens and root vegetables as a treat.

Sure, they’d gladly munch on sugar cubes, but they’re not good for your bunny.

Rabbits are smart, you can teach them tricks and they can be trained to use a litter box.

They like spending time with humans and they usually like other rabbits. A neutered male and a spayed female do very well together.

Feed them lots of fiber. They groom themselves like cats but they can’t throw up their hairballs. They need fiber to push the hairballs along.

And the females are prone to uterine cancer. 80 percent of all female rabbits will develop the disease in the first six years of life, so it’s important to get your female bunny spayed after six months of age.

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