Nugget of Knowledge: Banana superstition and boats


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(WYTV) – How about this for a boating superstition?

You shouldn’t have bananas on your fishing boat, ever.

In 2010, ESPN asked fishing champion Greg Hackney if he follows any superstitions, and he insisted he never goes fishing with a banana in the boat.

It was simply bad luck. You won’t catch anything, your motor will conk out, someone will tumble overboard, you name it.

In 2001, the LA Times interviewed a Florida-based fishing boat captain who said he checks for bananas, then for Banana Boat sunscreen products, then for Banana Republic shirts and blouses.

Also, there must be no banana desserts, drinks or candy, banana nut muffins, banana bread, Bananas Foster, banana liquor, Runts, Laffy Taffy or no banana ice cream.

Some fishermen will even ban Fruit of the Loom underwear (even though bananas aren’t part of the bunch of fruits on the label).

Why the superstition?

Back when ships were rickety and overcrowded, they tended to sink easier.

The cargo floating at the top of the wreckage?


What comes with a cargo of bananas?

Bugs, spiders and snakes, which are always unwelcome on board.

Other fruits would spoil more quickly when bananas were shipped along with them, so bananas seemed like “bad luck.”

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