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(WYTV) – In 1976, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne founded a company they called Apple. Why that name?

Steve Jobs worked in an orchard when he was a boy and decided to name it after his favorite brand of apple, McIntosh.

He said an apple was perfect, the fruit of creation, simple and strong. So the first logo was an apple, right?

No, it was a picture of Sir Isaac Newton sitting beneath an apple tree with the fruit about to fall on his head…and he would then uncover the secrets of gravity. It didn’t last long.

The artist who drew the logo we know today, Rob Janoff, said that in 1977, Jobs gave him no specific instructions on what to draw and Jannof wasn’t even sure how he settled on the simple outline of an apple, but there’s no doubt why the apple has a bite taken out: it’s there for scale.

Janoff said that no matter how small the Apple logo shrinks, it still looks like an apple and not a cherry.

Then Janoff discovered a happy coincidence to his bite out of the apple design. A colleague told him that “bytes” were the building blocks of computing.

Steve Wozniak left the company in 1985, but what about that third guy, Ronald Wayne?

Wayne is a businessman from Cleveland, now 86 years old, and he helped organize Apple but he had been burned by start up companies before. Twelve days after the company was incorporated, he sold his ten percent share in it for $800. Had he kept it, they would be worth $94 billion.

He says he never regretted it.

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