(WYTV)- This comes to us from the website Quora…we’ve all seen pictures of the Great Sphinx in Egypt alongside the great pyramids..and something’s missing.

Its nose. Where did it go?

And we’ve all seen those statues from ancient Greece, many of them are missing their noses, and sometimes, arms, too…Venus de Milo, for one famous example. Have people through history gone around, knocking off noses? Not exactly.

A smashed nose or a missing nose is a common feature on ancient sculptures…and this covers all cultures and all time periods of ancient history. No one deliberately removed them. Time did.

These sculptures are thousands of years old and that’s a lot of wear and tear. The statues we see in museums today are the result of time and the weather…the parts that stick out, the noses, arms, heads are almost always the first parts to break off. The Greek sculptures we see today are really worn out husks, they may have been brightly painted but most of the original pigments faded or flaked off long ago.

What’s left? Bare, white marble, and no nose.