(WYTV)- You can be right-handed or left-handed, is that it?

Any more variations?

Yes, you can right- or left-eared and right or left eyed. Nature seems to face one side, even if we are ambidextrous we usually still favor one side.

What about your ears? When you talk on your cell or on any phone, do you tend to hold it mostly to one ear?

Or if you’re trying to hear something on the other side of the door, which ear do you press to the door? A research study from the University of Dresden in 1988 asked 300 students to listen for a soft voice, listen at a door and make a phone call.

Six in ten students were right eared, and if you hold a phone to your right ear, you’re most likely right handed. This reference is known as laterality. And it can refer to eyes and even legs.

Next time you step off a curb or even begin to walk, you may favor one leg. move one eye closer to something you’re trying to read. You may favor one eye to do that all the time and not even realize it.

Why is this? Most of us are right sided.

The left side of the brain controls the right side of the body and the right side is generally stronger. In 92% of all humans, the left hemisphere is the language hemisphere, it’s smart.

And we have never seen a significant left-handed culture anywhere in the world.