(WYTV) – The holidays are a time when friends and family meet. It might also be a good time to consider bringing up the subject of a living will for those older family members.

Doctors say it’s one of the best gifts you can give your family if that’s you. With a living will, they can honor your wishes and preferences you’ve worked out what you’d like to have happen if you get sick and can’t make vital medical decisions for yourself.

“Selecting a health care surrogate is very important. You want to select somebody that knows enough about your medical situation to be able to make decisions in the context of those conditions,” said Dr. Maisha Robinson, a physician at the Cleveland Clinic. “You need to select somebody who is actually going to be able to carry out your wishes.”

And choose someone you can reach quickly. Talking about it when you are healthy is vital, and then get a hold of your physician so that everybody will be on the same page when that time comes. The conversation needn’t be difficult, and there may come a time when your children will be glad you had it.