(WYTV)- Some facts you may not have known before about the film industry.
More than 90% of the films made in the USA before 1929 were lost and there are no copies anywhere.

In “Jurassic Park”, the dinosaur noises are actually the sounds of turtles having sex.

The word “mafia” was never mentioned in “The Godfather” because the mafia itself demanded it.

In the past, trailers for new movies were shown after the end credits.

The budget for the filming of “Titanic” was more expensive than the Titanic itself.

Martial artist Bruce Lee was too fast in his movements, and in order to make them easier to understand in his films, he needed to move slower when they were recording.

In Nigeria, more films are made than in the US.

In China, scenes involving time travel in movies and television programs are prohibited.

Renowned director James Cameron decided to give up his truck driver life and enter the film industry after watching “Star Wars” for the first time.

Before being an actor, Bruce Willis worked as a private detective.

Actor Richard Gere’s middle name is Tiffany.

The horse’s head used in the famous scene of “The Godfather” was real.

Master Yoda’s face was inspired by Albert Einstein.