(WYTV) — When should you give your child something to bring down a fever? A recent poll found one in three parents may be giving their children a fever-reducing medicine unnecessarily.

Pediatricians say they’re not surprised. Moms and dads rush in when the temperatures are at 98.9 or 99 degrees, and doctors don’t recommend that.

If you’re ever unsure of what to do, call your pediatrician.

“If your child gets a fever and you have questions, call us. If the fever lasts more than a few days or if your child is less than 3 months old, or if the fever is over 104, or really the child just looks like they are in pain, they’re not acting well, we ask for you to call us,” said Dr. Maureen Ahmann of Cleveland Clinic.

If a child is running a temperature but seems comfortable otherwise and is eating and drinking, a fever reducer may not be needed. Medicine might mask other symptoms that may be important for a doctor to know about. But if high temperature and pain appear, go for the medicine.

Keep your child comfy and hydrated. In some cases, a fever is a good thing because it can help stimulate the immune system to fight off infections.