(WYTV) — Some older adults may wonder why they need to get a second or third COVID-19 booster shot if they already have one, plus the initial vaccine.

Only a small percentage of our population — especially older Americans — have gotten their third COVID-19 booster shot, let alone their second.

“Two main reasons: awareness and access. I think we have done a great job with the initial vaccine in terms of awareness with seniors and also access. That has changed with the booster,” says Dr. Ardeshir Hashmi of the Cleveland Clinic.

What’s changed?

Some seniors may not have internet access to to schedule a second booster or third booster, or they don’t have someone to take them to the pharmacy to get it.

Doctors will tell you they need to do more to explain how some people need a booster and another booster.

For one thing, older adults don’t have as strong of an immune system, and new variants of the virus keep popping up.

The side effects of the booster, if any, are the usual fever, headache, injection site pain and fatigue.