Good Question: How do you get your news?

The Vindicator is closing in August as newspapers see drop in subscriptions

(WYTV) – How do you get your news?

We asked people that question. Watch the video above to see their responses.

The Pew Research Center says most Americans get their news on a screen.

In fact, you have to go to the oldest group — 65 and older — to find even half the people getting their news from a newspaper.

Those people who do read their news online — slightly more than half, about 56 percent — read it on a mobile device. The rest read it on a laptop or desktop computer.

The really bad news for newspapers comes from the Millennials. Those in their late teens to early 30s, only five percent of them bother to pick up and read a newspaper.

Factor in older Americans — those up to the age of 50 — it’s only 10 percent.

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