(WYTV)- When we offer our opinion, sometimes we say that’s my two cents worth.

Here are some theories why:

The earliest reference to “two cents” appears in both the Gospel of Mark and the Gospel of Luke. Several wealthy temple patrons donate large sums of money, but a very poor widow places just two small coins, her two cents, into the offering. She finds greater favor with Jesus than the others because she gave all she had.

Or “my two pennies worth” may come from a 16th century English expression, “a penny for your thoughts.”
It could be a sarcastic response. I offered a penny for your thoughts and got two pennies’ worth. The idiom may have also have come from the early cost of postage in England, the “two penny post”, where two pennies was the normal charge for sending a letter containing your words and thoughts.

And when you say, that’s my two cents, you’re trying to be polite and show humility…since my opinion is worth only two cents, don’t take offense!