(WYTV)- Everything you always wanted to know about chickens: a hen, especially a fussy hen, is also known as a biddy.

Chickens with white earlobes tend to lay eggs with white shells. Chickens with red earlobes lay eggs with brown shells.

Chickens can recognize and pick out people based on our faces, and they prefer attractive faces.
They can also remember up to 100 faces and they can let other members of their flock know when they’ve had a good or a bad experience with a human.

They can see colors better than we can, and this may help them find a mate or find colorful berries and fruit. Chickens can make at least 30 different calls, and hens start softly clucking to their chicks while they are still in the egg.

Chickens dream and they have a kind of sleep we don’t have, called slow wave. With it, they can sleep with one eye open to watch for predators. Chickens have telescopic eyesight and nearly 360 degree vision.

Mother hens experience stress when their chicks are stressed or injured, they also mourn when another chicken in the flock dies. Chickens usually lay eggs between 7:00 am and 11:00 am.

Chickens can be ferocious, the closest living relative to a Tyrannosaurus Rex is the chicken.
Planet Earth contains about 26 billion chickens. They outnumber us three to one.