(WYTV)- Those who believe in the paranormal will tell you that ghosts aren’t picky about the locations they haunt.

For example, the old Toy “R” Us store in Sunnyvale, California. The reports started just after the store opened in 1970.

Employees claimed to see dolls flying off the shelves and balls bouncing down the aisles. When they were alone, they would feel a cold breeze on their back or hear a disembodied voice call their name.
Some claimed an invisible hand touched them.

Self proclaimed psychic Sylvia Browne held a séance there and claimed to sense the spirit of a Swedish preacher named Johnny Johnson who had worked on the land that became the city of Sunnyvale. He injured his leg chopping trees, could not get help and slowly bled out alone.

Brown said the spirit of Johnson told her he found kids visiting the toy store annoying and noisy. In a later senace, a shadowy figure appeared in an infrared photograph and nowhere else.

The Sunnyvale Toys “R” Us store closed in 2018.

A new business has since moved in selling sporting goods, and there’s no sign of Johnny Johnson.