Daybreak trivia questions


(WYTV) – Monday’s Nugget of Knowledge came with a few trivia questions.

Which U.S. President was honored with an award from the National Wrestling Hall of Fame, Posthumously, in 1992? Answer: Abraham Lincoln.

What was the first living creature to be sent into outer space? Answer: Fruit flies

What do you call a group of giraffes? Answer: A tower

What was the first name of the U.S.S. Enterprise on the TV show Stark Trek? Answer: U.S.S. York Town

Eureka is the official moniker of which state? Answer: California

What animal are you afraid of if you have chiroptophobia? Answer: Bats

What Guinness World Record did Trevor Hunt crack on The Meredith Viera Show: Most pumpkins carved on one hour – 109.

What was the original title of “The Breakfast Club?” Answer: “The Lunch Bunch”

How many bones are there in a shark? Answer: 0

The roadrunner is the official bird of which state: Answer: New Mexico

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