(WYTV)- Ever cry a lot and find that soon, you have to blow your nose?

What evolutionary process is going on here? We know that emotion causes your brain to send messages to your tear ducts telling them to produce tears.

But those messages don’t go to your nose, why has your nose kicked mucus production into high gear?
Actually, it hasn’t.

When you cry, some tears roll down your cheeks. But other tears drain through your tear ducts and into your nasal cavity. There, they combine with mucus, generating all that fluid that then spills from your nose.
But at other times, your nose really makes mucus.

Eat something spicy and your mucous membranes do make more mucus to flush out the “spicy” chemicals before they can interfere with your respiratory system.

Your mucous membranes work overtime in the cold, to warm up and moisten dry, chilly air before it reaches your lungs.

And try being gentle the next time you blow your nose, it’s more effective, because blowing too hard pushes air to your ears instead of out your nose and into your tissue.