(WYTV) Do you have a cat around the house?

Every once in a while, your cat might want to lick you, your face, your arm, why?

Cats learn to explore as kittens through their mouths.

They lick to groom themselves and they lick other cats to bond and groom.

Cats will lick you because they like you and they’re trying to learn more about you. To a cat, its a sign of closeness, bonding and affection, and they enjoy taking in our scent. Human have five million scent receptors, cats have 200 million.

Cats see us as part of the cat family, slower, dumber, but just another big cat, nonetheless. A cat might lick you for other reasons, too. It wants to mark you as its territory, you belong to that cat. Cats also tend to lick things they think are tasty.

Cats cannot taste sweet things, they are the only mammals that can’t taste it but your hand lotion or the tiny crumbs from your breakfast toast left on your fingers will attract them. Some cats also lick in order to cope with stress or fear, your vet can advise you about that.

And cat tongues are scratchy because they need them to act as a brush for combing fur and dislodging dirt, dander and fleas.