(WYTV)- Bobbing for apples started in Europe hundreds of years ago, it was a kind of courtship ritual for young people.

Each apple represented someone.

If the bobber, typically a young woman, managed to bite into the apple with the first chomp, and the apple had her boyfriend’s name on it, the couple would be lucky. If it took the bobber two attempts to bite through, they still had love, but it might not last very long.

Three attempts and it really didn’t look good for this couple, best to give up on it, it’s just not in the stars. Another variation: the first person to bite an apple would be the next one in the group to get married.

And this superstition: if a girl placed the fruit she bit into beneath her pillow, she would see her true love in a dream.

The Food and Drug Administration has little to say about true love in the water but it does recommend washing your apples in cool running water and using a produce brush to get rid of any excess dirt, and then go bob.