(WYTV)- Bluetooth is wireless technology but at a short range, say, 30 feet.

Bluetooth devices include computers, keyboards, smart phones and more.

King Harald Bluetooth Gormsson, son of King Gorm the Old and Queen Thyra.

Harald reigned as the king of Denmark and Norway in the late 10th century, from 958 to 985. He united the tribes of Denmark and converted the Danes to Christianity.

He carried a dead tooth in his mouth, dark blue in color, earning him the nickname Bluetooth.
Flash forward ten centuries to 1996, when Intel, Ericsson Telecommunications and Nokia, met to bring a standard to short range radio technology, to connect different products.

Jim Kardach from Intel had just read a book on Viking history, and suggested the name Bluetooth as a codename for their project. He said if King Harald can unite Scandinavia, we can unite technologies with a wireless link.

Bluetooth was supposed to be temporary, a code word for their project until they could come up with something really cool. They never did, Bluetooth the only choice.

The name caught on fast becoming synonymous with short-range wireless technology. The symbol for Bluetooth is Harald Bluetooth’s initials, combined in one figure.