(WYTV)- The discount grocery retailer Aldi has a loyal shopper base, we have several Aldi’s in the valley from Cortland to Austintown to East Liverpool.

And its fans have found what they affectionately call the Aldi’s ‘Aisle of Shame,’ the most exciting part of the store, sometimes called simply the AOS.

It’s the nickname for Aldi’s middle aisle, or the fifth aisle, where you might find anything from from a cast iron French oven, to a giant bucket of dog treats, to a Christmas cactus. Shoppers may feel guilty buying something here they might not need, so they call it the aisle of shame. The thrill is in finding something surprising.

The AOS has its own Facebook group with more than a million members. The most popular finds of 2021 were some Aldi decorative gnomes, a “luxury” pet sofa, a fall flannel shirt candle and a patio dining table.

Not every Aldi has an Aisle of Shame. Some of the newer or newly remodeled smaller city ALDI stores have only four aisles, no aisle of impulse buys with specials that change weekly.

Here are some other names for the aisle of shame:

  • Aisle of Fun
  • Aisle of Surprises
  • Aisle of Awesome
  • The Amazing Aisle of Random
  • The Aisle with all the Goodies
  • The Aisle of Pleasure