Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D-Ohio) is the latest Democrat to distance herself from the president, saying in a new ad that she “doesn’t work for Joe Biden. She works for you.”

“Joe Biden’s letting Ohio solar manufacturers be undercut by China. But Marcy Kaptur’s fighting back, working with Republican Rob Portman. protecting our jobs. Communist China’s not happy,” a narrator says in the 30-second ad.

“Neither is extremist J.R. Majewski. He opposes Marcy’s all-of-the-above energy plan. Majewski let Ohio energy jobs die, but Marcy fights for every Ohio job. Marcy Kaptur: She doesn’t work for Joe Biden. She works for you.”

Majewski called Kaptur’s campaign ads “dishonest” in a statement on Twitter.

“The people of #OH09 know @Marcy_Kaptur works for @JoeBiden despite her dishonest ads. Marcy’s had 40 years to stand against her party by virtue of her vote. However, time after time, she’s voted with Joe and @SpeakerPelosi,” he tweeted. “Don’t blame them now Marcy. You had your opportunity.”

Majewski, in his statement, quote-tweeted a tweet by a Times reporter who noted that a clip of Kaptur saying in 2020 that “it would be my honor, to not just vote for Joe Biden, but to work for him and Sen. Kamala Harris “ was being shared by the House Republicans’ campaign arm.

But Kaptur’s remarks demonstrate the extent to which Democrats are going to distance themselves from the president ahead of the midterms, especially in battleground states that will prove decisive over whether Democrats retain control in either chamber. Her seat is rated as a “toss up” by the nonpartisan Cook Political Report.

In recent weeks, several Democrats have either side-stepped questions about whether they want to see Biden run again or have said they would not support him. The president has been mired in lagging approval ratings, though he has seen several developments considered positive for him and his party recently, including the passage of Democrats’ sweeping reconciliation package.

The Hill has reached out to the White House for comment.