Surgeons explain how athletes bounce back from torn ACL injuries


(WYTV) – Who’s ready to run? Who’s ready to tear his ACL?

Now what happens? Surgery may be the answer.

The anterior cruciate ligament, or ACL, is one of four main ligaments in your knee. It connects your femur to your tibia.

The goal of surgery is to rebuild or reconstruct the ligament.

“Typically, in a younger athlete, we’re going to use a piece of tendon or ligament from their own body, which tends to heal faster and stronger,” said Cedric Ortiguera, M.D./Orthopedic Surgery/Mayo Clinic. “But in lower-demand athletes, we occasionally take that tendon from a cadaver or someone that donates their tissue.”

You can tear your ACL a number of different ways, but typically, you could be running and trying to change direction, or suddenly trying to slow down or stop.

ACL reconstruction allows many athletes to get back on their feet and be active.

Of course, physical therapy and bracing might work well for a person who is older and not involved in high-demand sports.

ACL tears can sideline an athlete or crush an Olympic dream. It affects nearly twice as many women as men.

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