(WYTV) – If you’re back in the office after working from home, you may want to think about bringing back some healthier habits, such as  mindful eating.

Mindful eating is not a diet, there are no menus or recipes, it’s more about focusing on how you eat.

Is it okay to bring snacks to work? Sure, just think about the kinds of snacks you’re packing for work.

“It’s really important to bring snacks to work. You may find that the boxes of donuts and cookie jars and candy jars that people put their hands into are gone. This makes it even more critical that you bring healthy snacks to work that are going to keep you focused, energized and boost your concentration,” says Dr. Susan Albers of the Cleveland Clinic.

When it comes to mindful eating, sit down while you eat. We actually eat 5% more while standing up.

Chewing slowly will improve digestion and will allow you to enjoy your food more.

Some healthy snack options include brazil nuts, pumpkin seeds, mandarin oranges and berries.