(WYTV) – If you have been working from home, you may have noticed you’re staring at a screen a lot more than you used to. We want you to protect your eyes.

Looking at a screen for a long time can dry out your eyes because you tend to slow down your blinking.

Dry eyes can cause symptoms such as redness, blurry vision and itchiness.

So, ophthalmologists have come up with what they call the 20-20-20 rule.

“Every twenty minutes, so with screen time or reading, take a twenty second break and look at something that is at least twenty feet away. And during that time, you’ll find that you are blinking a lot more, you’re relaxing your eyes a lot more and that will help out with some of the eye strain issues that people encounter,” said Dr. Craig See, an ophthalmologist.

You might notice you have dry eyes and other symptoms towards the afternoon or end of the day after you’ve been looking at a screen for a while.

The good news is dry eyes usually won’t cause any kind of long-term damage.

You could also use artificial tear drops or a warm compress on your face if you notice your eyes are really starting to dry out.