PHOTOS: Severe Weather June 16, 2019


Tree uprooted in Brookfield Center.

Wires down on 422 and Anderson Anthony

Severe weather damage in Brookfield on Wood Street.

Severe weather damage on Lafayette Avenue in Sharon, PA.

Pine tree fell on a house during the severe weather in Sharon, PA.

Pictures sent by Mike Nelson, this is on Phalanx Mills Herner Road in Southington

Field runoff flooding yard in Bristolville taken by Andrew

Severe weather damage on Elmhill and Tod Ave.

Tree down in Champion on Kincaid East Road.

Wind damage near Southington school on 534.

Severe weather damage at Anderson Anthony Road. Telephone pole and power lines down

Wind damage near Southington school on 534

Tree uprooted in the Willow Brook Condos in Warren, Ohio